Many Friends Gathered to Celebrate David’s Life

Family and friends shared beautiful stories, music, and food while looking out at the forest in Bowen Park on April 27.  Special thanks to everyone who helped with food, set up, and clean up.  So many people helped to make it a very special day.  Sometimes people get left out when specific thanks are made; please forgive any omissions made at the time of this post.

Thank you to:

Kimberly Miller for designing and building this beautiful website which allows David’s family and friends to connect and share.

David’s sister, Mary Snyder, for offering the unprogrammed Quaker-style celebration which encouraged all to participate as equals.

Gord Fuller for making delicious vegan chilli and coordinating the 7 – 10 Club to provide trays of sandwiches, bagels, and sweets.

The 7 – 10 Club for donating food and helping in the kitchen.

Francois de Jong for making the biggest pot of very tasty soup we’ve ever seen!

Nanaimo Foodshare for donating the kitchen and ingredients to make that soup.

Grey Chase for bringing some great photos of David and for sharing David’s dried fruit delicacies.

Signy for bringing a lovely fruit plate.

Yvonne for making her famous pasta salad.

Mary, Katie, Chris, and Nicole for sharing their music.

Everyone who spoke with such emotion and passion that brought us all closer to David and to each other.

Thanks David for touching us all!

Please continue to browse this ever-changing website.  Thank you so much to all who have left such thoughtful comments and emailed photos which we are continuing to post.  Everyone is also invited to participate in this website.  Feel free to leave comments on any page or send questions via the contact page.


A celebration of David’s life will be held on Saturday, April 27 at 12 pm in the auditorium at Bowen Park, Nanaimo, BC.

David's hand-painted sign in his front yard letting everyone know that he had enough pots, already!

David’s hand-painted sign in his front yard letting everyone know that he had enough pots, already!

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